How To Not Cure Alopecia Quickly and Effectively


Best hair I’ve ever had 😉

As I previously mentioned in my Intro., I have alopecia. In February, my poor hairdresser noticed a bald patch and had to break it to me gently.
You would think I’d have noticed a 1.5″ in diameter bald spot on my own previous to then, but apparently not.

I called my neurologist and informed her Continue reading


I’m almost 40, have 3 kids and I just realized I have been married for half of my life.

Holy crap.


I’ve owned a business with my husband since 2008 and we haven’t gone bankrupt or killed each other yet 🎉 (he hates when I say that)!

I’ve also had Multiple Sclerosis since I was 28, and (for fun, apparently) got alopecia in February this year. So much for joking about losing my hair, it actually happened.

Side note: Rumor has it that once you have one autoimmune disease you’re pretty much fair game for any of the others to swoop in, too. Unsurprisingly this is not info the average neurologist volunteers, I assume so as to not freak patients out unnecessarily.


I highly doubt that the purpose of life (no matter if you’re religious or not) is to keep to yourself, present a perfect image, and hide all the imperfections as much as you can. I would much rather just be honest than not. We are all just winging it, right? Some just look more ‘polished’ than the rest and I assume those people are the most messed up of us all.

Oh. And also I’m a control freak. My word. I despise the idea of people only knowing me for my illnesses; I am SO much more interesting and flawed and loud and entertaining than that and I’ll be damned if some boring illness is going to steal the spotlight.

But… I don’t want to keep it quiet anymore, either.

My holdup has also been a fear that the vast majority of people reading this will only respond with variations of sympathy (“I’m so sorry this is happening to you, you poor thing!”) or “inspired” (“you are just so strong and brave!”). That just feels very … separating. ‘Healthy You’ reaching down from your lofty pedestal to pat ‘Sickly Me’ on the head.

And you know what? That’s fine. I can’t control how you react, good Lord! I’ve finally come to terms with possibly just being a living inspirational meme to some people. You know. A meme that swears sometimes (a lot) and drinks entirely too much coffee. Whatever.

There’s a few, though… I know there is…. you ones who need to hear my story. You few (I honestly hope there’s not that many) who are in the same or similar boat as me and desperately need to know that you are not alone.

For you, I’ll share my story. You are definitely worth me talking ‘out loud’.

Plus I wrap this all in a snarky, light, arguably inappropriate tone because honestly, we might as well laugh.

PS – I am HUGELY unqualified for this, I have no clue what I’m doing here, my plan is to start somewhere and learn as I go.