So. Seeing as I’m human, there’s a good chance that I’ll be sunshiny one post and snarky as hell the next. Just FYI. 🤗

Those who already know me and my backstory know there will be some about being a parent of an autistic person (my child is an adult now 😊), and some about being a person with Multiple Sclerosis.

Which seem at first glance like completely different topics: one is a difference in neurology, the other is the body’s immune system going apeshit for as-yet-unknown reasons and gnawing on its own wiring. However, they are similar in that neither are well understood, and both often/usually require some modifications and work-arounds so the people who have them can happily interact with their world.

Of course, also because they’re not well understood, a common reaction to both autism and MS diagnoses is to freak the freak out, hyperventilate, and frantically search for answers/cures.

Which is where complete dicks who presumably sold their souls to Satan disreputable salespeople come in. They say they HAVE the answer and proceed to make millions selling all manner of expensive and sometimes atrocious “medicines and treatments”.

To be clear: the worst ones I’m referring to are those who do/sell/promote things such as chelation therapy and bleach enemas to ‘cure’ autism: procedures that would be considered flat-out child abuse if they were being done to non-disabled children.  As for regular alternative medicines… that’s a much longer convo in a different post entirely.


You want a cure for autism? Stop having babies: it’s genetic. You don’t WANT to cure it, though; a huge percentage of our creative/brilliant/genius people are on the autism spectrum. Y’all find a cure (and by ‘cure’, I of course mean ‘a genetic test done during pregnancy so you can abort autistic fetuses’) and the planet will get a HELL of a lot dumber. And boring.

Instead of trying to fix autism, the far better alternative is to simply appreciate autistic people for who they are (which means you’ll have to set aside some preconceived notions). There are lots of brilliant Facebook pages run by autistic people – a few to check out are Autistic Not WeirdAmythest SchaberInvisible Strings and The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism – fantastic, insightful people that, along with many others, have taught me a lot in just the last couple of years.

You want a cure for MS? Let the scientists (who are all probably on the autism spectrum 😏) do their thing: they’re working on it.

Don’t blow a gasket or your life savings going to Russia or South America for the latest MS treatment; although no fun at all, it’s a shit ton safer and less expensive (definitely in Canada it is) to trust your doctor and do what he or she advises/prescribes.

*Stem cells are INCREDIBLE! They can turn themselves into anything! Including, you know… bigger problems than the one you were hoping to fix – ask this guy how well ‘stem cell tourism’ worked for him.*

I know. I’m sorry. A complete, safe cure for all MS sufferers (*I prefer the term ‘MS bitches’ but oddly it’s not catching on*) may not happen in our lifetime. But look back and see how much further ahead we are now than we were even 10, 20 years ago. Holy heck, 50 years ago. There are lots of excellent drug treatments available now – I’ve been on a kickass one for over five years (sure, I can’t literally kick anybody’s ass anymore, but I can still walk and haven’t had a relapse since I started this med. It’s still a win).

Have no fear; when I die and the scientists get to play around with my brain and spinal column I’m POSITIVE they’ll find all the answers.

*Shut up. It could happen.*

❤️ Sue

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