Full Circle

Full Circle

Our first child is autistic and needed an educational assistant one-on-one for him to successfully attend school. Jacob has had so many wonderful EA’s over the years; so many people who truly love their job, helping kids who need some extra support in order to thrive and learn in the classroom.

I have no doubt that Jacob’s EA would also Continue reading

 Top Ten (Somewhat TMI) Phrases From My Pregnancies and Childbirths

I wish mine could have been lovely natural childbirths. I know, some of you are all set to tell me the myriad ways I *could* have…

🍃🍂🌸🌾The key is to just relax… and do what your body was made to do. 🌾🌸🍂🍃

Yeah, well, my body was made to create linebackers with German blockheads with zero foresight or consideration as to what the plan would then be to get them OUT.

I’m no childbirth expert but I am Continue reading

Happy Winter/Day 29 {Part 2}

Okay, I maybe implied that I don’t do any physical activity on my previous blog post, which isn’t accurate – I do physical activity and stuff (yeah, that sounds believable). No really – treadmill, stationary bike, physiotherapy. I like to annoy/entertain the physiotherapist. 😝

My favourite is my stationary bike, although I’m sad that it doesn’t seem to Continue reading

Happy Winter/Day 29 {Part 1}

Holy hell, I hurt allll over. My brain is like “This is great! It’s a good pain. We must have worked out a whole bunch. Yup, this is cool, I’m so cool,” but the realistic/killjoy part says “Nice try. It’s just MS, Sunshine, so take some Advil or Continue reading