Happy Winter/Day 29 {Part 2}

Okay, I maybe implied that I don’t do any physical activity on my previous blog post, which isn’t accurate – I do physical activity and stuff (yeah, that sounds believable). No really – treadmill, stationary bike, physiotherapy. I like to annoy/entertain the physiotherapist. 😝

My favourite is my stationary bike, although I’m sad that it doesn’t seem to help much, other than *maybe* making my stamina a smidge better. Which means it’s probably keeping me functioning more than I give it credit for.

If nothing else cardio can’t be baaaadd..

Oh wait, that reminds me! Funny story, true story! When I did a 6-week course of prednisone pills for alopecia (didn’t fix it, of course. Read more about that saga here) I also had the hot idea to ride my bike every morning instead of every second morning. More is better, right? I felt great!

While I was on prednisone, anyway.

That shit is a lying bitch. I finished the prednisone and suddenly my left hip hurt like a hot damn when I was standing for more than 10 minutes.

Short story: panicky Googling said the prednisone gave me avascular necrosis & I’d need a hip replacement. Blood tests and an MRI later and it turns out I just overdid it, with the bonus of how my GP likely hates me now for wasting her time.

I’m dumb as a brick for not realizing that the prednisone was only HIDING the injury I was doing to myself.

Yeah baby, I’m so cool! Gave myself a sports injury. Except my left hip is my ‘good’ hip (you know, the one that is overcompensating for my craptacular right side) and although it’s not completely messed up now it does plan to be pissed off for a loooonng time.

Really does. It’s science.

Get ‘Maybe Swearing Will Help’ print here.

Morals of the Story:

1. THIS is the shit that happens to ME. Any NORMAL person does stupid physical activity things and they just get hurt.*I* do stupid physical activity things and when pain happens there are umpteen other possible and baaadd causes to weed out which means I get to spend weeks thinking I’ve permanently messed my hip up, along with a fun field trip through an MRI.

No really, I was SO scared – I am messed up enough, thanks, and was NOT going to be okay with one more thing to work through/”triumph over”. Prednisone does cause avascular necrosis sometimes; generally at higher doses and longer treatments than I had had, but there’s a first time for everything…

Again. It’s ME. It would not have surprised me if, by sweet talking a doc into giving me prednisone pills as “something to try”, I had successfully done nothing EXCEPT completely eff up my hip.

And most importantly: 2. Yes, staying physically active is important blah blah blah {insert inspirational fitness quote here}, but escapades like this make sitting on my ass and watching TV seem DARN appealing.

❤️ Sue

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