Happy Winter/Day 29 {Part 1}

Holy hell, I hurt allll over. My brain is like “This is great! It’s a good pain. We must have worked out a whole bunch. Yup, this is cool, I’m so cool,” but the realistic/killjoy part says “Nice try. It’s just MS, Sunshine, so take some Advil or Tylenol and calm down. You burned zero calories and aren’t in any more shape than you were yesterday.”

Every month I hit this point, and I’m thankful for it. Why? Because it means a) my drug works, and b) nothing I do, diet- or exercise-wise, greatly affects my function. I mean, I kind of wish all the gluten- and dairy-free hype had an effect for me but it really doesn’t so pass the cheesecake; I’m gonna feel like El Garbage on Day 29 no matter what.

Oh! And! It got really cold outside (because Canada) so my functioning level is going to literally freeze up the minute I go out that door. Not even joking, wish I was, I will get outside and have maybe 4 steps before I can hardly pick my feet up.. like a cartoon knight caught in a rainstorm and instantly rusting up.

It’s the most fun EVER… I would find it kind of fascinating if it wasn’t massively annoying.

Not a cartoon knight. Don’t even care. 💞 aaaahhh Heath…

If you see me walking outside: I AM hurrying. And if you listen closely, I’m also stringing together all of the swear words I know in new and delightful ways. So go ahead and ask me how I’m doing, it’s my FAVORITE. 😄🗡

❤️ Sue

One thought on “Happy Winter/Day 29 {Part 1}

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