Full Circle

Our first child is autistic and needed an educational assistant one-on-one for him to successfully attend school. Jacob has had so many wonderful EA’s over the years; so many people who truly love their job, helping kids who need some extra support in order to thrive and learn in the classroom.

I have no doubt that Jacob’s EA would also help other children when they needed it and she could feasibly take time to attend to them, as well; another adult in a classroom is beneficial to everybody, students and teacher included.

It was when Hannah, our neurotypical second child, went to school that we first got to know Mrs. Bolton.

*sidenote: Okay, we live in a fairly small town – my older brother graduated from high school with her. Blah blah, fine. This is when we got to know Mrs. Bolton on a PROFESSIONAL level.*

She was the EA for another student, but my daughter still adored her and I’m pretty sure all the other kids did, too. So come Christmastime, my daughter insisted that Mrs. Bolton needed a present, as well – “Mrs. Bolton is my favorite teacher!”

Her actual Kindergarten teacher was pretty darn wonderful, so that was really saying something!

So once again, I was sending presents to school for the teacher and an EA.

A couple of years later Mrs. Bolton actually did get to be one of Jacob’s EA’s in high school, which was fantaaastic. We were sad when she switched to working in the school office, but overjoyed when she offered to be Jacob’s grad escort. Her support was a huge factor in his meaningful participation in that day.

Not the best picture of Jacob, but love Mrs. Bolton’s dress!

Much better picture of Jacob that Mrs. Bolton took. 😄

So here we are now, Christmastime 2016. Caitlin, our (mostly) neurotypical third child is in Kindergarten.

And guess who’s an EA in her classroom?

*We live in a fairly small town but it’s not THAT small!*

Seven years after the first time I sent a Christmas present for the educational assistant in the Kindergarten class and the EA is not *technically* there to assist my child, I get to do it again. Same EA, even!

SO happy that you are in the classroom again, Mrs. Bolton, and EXCEPTIONALLY happy that our last child gets to know and adore you, too. 💞

❤ Sue

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