Sounds Like Love

Sounds Like Love

“I don’t want to go to a carnival. Who will play with me? I don’t want people to say I’m weird.”

So says my girl, out of the blue but not unexpected. She is six years old. I wondered when it would happen: when Continue reading

This Can Only Go Well: LGBTQ Edition

This Can Only Go Well: LGBTQ Edition

I had this pretty much finished when I handed it to my teenage daughter to proofread and to ask her permission to include an anecdote about her… then I had to tweak it. A lot.

It’s not that she didn’t give me permission, it’s that she gave me valuable insight. Continue reading

Open Letter to Parents of Newly-Diagnosed Autistic Kids

Open Letter to Parents of Newly-Diagnosed Autistic Kids

Putting this first: For an explanation on why I (and many autistic people) use Identity First Language (‘autistic person’) rather than Person First Language (‘person with autism’), seeΒ this great article.


I’ve been an ‘autism parent’ for a lot of years now; I love when friends send new autism parents my way for advice seeing as I have all the answers.



Okay, all right..

When we started out at this parenting thing we had all the answers, as you do. Then we had our autistic child first and suddenly were in the deep end of the Continue reading

Full Circle, part 2

Writing a second post to clarify the first one seems to be a thing I do..

My previous postΒ isΒ a specific story about one specific EA who coincidentally is in our lives again. It in no way is a story about our only and favorite EA.

Oh goodness. As though we could choose a favorite..

There have been EAs that go waaaayy back, ones that we love like they are family. Ones that were with us at the very beginning Continue reading


So. Seeing as I’m human, there’s a good chance that I’ll be sunshiny one post and snarky as hell the next. Just FYI. πŸ€—

Those who already know me and my backstory know there will be some about being a parent of an autistic person (my child is an adult now 😊), and some about being a person with Multiple Sclerosis.

Which seem at first glance like Continue reading