Conversations With People With Chronic Illnesses (Invisibly or Not-So-Invisibly Disabled)

Conversations With People With Chronic Illnesses (Invisibly or Not-So-Invisibly Disabled)

There are a lot of ‘What Not to Say to (specific demographic)’ articles out there, and they kind of make me cringe.

I have this theory.

I’m fairly certain the only people who Continue reading

MS Diet and Exercise: The Snarktacular Approach

MS Diet and Exercise: The Snarktacular Approach

A friend asked me if I follow a special diet or exercise regimen for MS. Which makes me do a little side-eye..

“Are you asking so as to know what NOT to do?”

Well. Since I’m CLEARLY beating the odds and am a picture of near-perfect health… πŸ˜‚ Continue reading

Not That Remarkable

Not That Remarkable

How people respond to my life story so far is fascinating. Truly is. I kind of touched on it in ‘Those Who Get It’ – I consider myself fortunate to have a disability that naturally seems to bring out the best in the people who often then become my dearest friends.

Others among you are a little hung up on the ‘disabled people are inspirational’ narrative which truly, I can’t blame you. Our society defaults to it, we see examples all the time, and it seems lovely.

However, as with many things in life, the Continue reading



Today’s topic is accessible parking, also known as handicapped or disabled parking.

Disclaimer: just because I’m the opposite of private here doesn’t mean I go around sharing everything at all times. First of all there is a lot that I don’t share (no, for real) and secondly if somebody clearly doesn’t know my backstory already then I’m not required to share it.

Yes, I have an accessible parking permit. Some may be surprised to learn that I am not required to appear sick in order to use it. Continue reading

Where You Can Stick Your Scooter πŸ˜˜

So here’s the thing. I REMEMBER being an able-bodied, obtuse know-it-all just like the rest of you. I remember, way back when I was a kid, thinking “a wheelchair would be a BLAST!” and then being diagnosed with Continue reading

Happy Winter/Day 29 {Part 2}

Okay, I maybe implied that I don’t do any physical activity on my previous blog post,Β which isn’t accurate – I do physical activity and stuff (yeah, that sounds believable). No really – treadmill, stationary bike, physiotherapy. I like to annoy/entertain the physiotherapist. 😝

My favourite is my stationary bike, although I’m sad that it doesn’t seem to Continue reading

Happy Winter/Day 29 {Part 1}

Holy hell, I hurt allll over. My brain is like “This is great! It’s a good pain. We must have worked out a whole bunch. Yup, this is cool, I’m so cool,” but the realistic/killjoy part says “Nice try. It’s just MS, Sunshine, so take some Advil or Continue reading